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About the Instrumentation Department

                       Instrumentation engineering is the engineering specialization focused on the principle and operation of measuring instruments that are used in design and configuration of automated systems in electrical, pneumatic hydraulic etc. domains. In an industrial undertaking of any kind Instrumentation Engineers are considered to be the eyes and ears for maintaining and suggesting improvements to existing instruments that are critical to the project. Instrumentation Engineers design, construct, and maintain instruments and instrumentation systems that are necessary to assure better quality and efficiency of the product for the end user. They typically work for industries with automated processes, such as chemical or manufacturing plants, with the goal of improving system productivity, reliability, safety, optimization, and stability.

                        The Instrumentation department is one of oldest engineering branch of this institute established in June 1996. The department has experienced and dedicated faculty members to cater to the academic activities. This department aims to mould all the students with strong foundation and technological skills in area and strives to provide value-based education to meet the country's demand for quality professionals. The department has full–fledged laboratories to meet practical requirements of students.

Details of Enrolments
Year Sanctioned Intake Actual Admitted
2017-18 2016-17 2015-16
FY B TECH 60 48 52 59
SY B TECH 60+12 67 72   73
TY B TECH 60+12 75 62   63
LY B TECH 60+12 65 55   72


                 The Instrumentation department has five well equipped laboratories, enriched with latest software and hardware.

Name of the Laboratory

Area in Square meter

Major Equipments

Process Instrumentation and Control System Laboratory 


1.       Instrumentation transducer two kit Model Module (01)

2.       Microprocessor based system processor control circuit model PCT make Ansumen (01)

3.       Microprocessor based system, Microprocessor based educational programmable transducer model(01)

4.       Speed Measurement By opto electronic type, Non Contact reflective type infrared sensor(01)

5.       2-wire temperature transmitter (01)

6.       PH simulator with pH meter(Glass electrode 31\\2Digitdisplay(01)

7.       Disturbance generator(vibration generator)(01)

8.       AC servo stabilizer 1.2 KV with high low voltages trip with LED indicator and voltmeter(01)

9.       Conductivity meter Range 0-1000us/cm 31/2 digit display(01)

10.  Potentiometer DC for unknown voltage measurement and for calibration of ammeter &voltmeter range 0-108 Vdc (01)

11.  Digital Thermometer 31/2 digit display 0-1500C(01)

12.  Milli Amp. Milli volt source 31/2 digit display(01)

13.  Ultrasonic transducer Resonant frequency 40KHz,.(01)

14.  Ultrasonic transducer Capacitance 2200pf distance measurement Range 1 mt. excitation voltage 10V(01)

15.  4-wire level transmitter0/p 4-20 mA31/2 digit display(01)

16.  Thermocouple calibration setup, electric oven having provision of t/c and t/meter insertion temperature controller 3 1/2 digit display (01)

17.  RTD calibration set up electrically heated oil bath having provision of RTD & thermometer insertions calibrated RTD temp. controller 31/2 digit Display- 01

18.  LVDT setup(01)

19.  Bourdon Gauge with pump tank, Range 0-10 kg/

20.  Vibration Transducer O/P 0-2 mv (01)

21.  D/P converter (01)

22.  Temp/Humidity meter(01)

23.  Pressure Gauge(01)

24.  Rota meter for water (01)

25.  Potentiometer Feedback DC servo motor(01)

26.  DC Position servo motor, Position control system trainer(01)

27.  DP cell Resistance type bridge of 1Kohm(01)

28.  Square root extractor(01)

29.  Microprocessor Level motorized system Level sensor up indicator stand alone setup(01)

30.  Microprocessor temp monitoring system(01)

31.  Turbine type flow transmitter(01)

32.  Flow indicator for turbine system(01)

33.  Sound level meter(01)

34.  Load cell Range 3kg(01)

35.  Vibration pick-up and vibration meter Magnetic type / opto electric type (01)

36.  Electrically operated oven(01)

37.  Overhead projector(01)

38.  PID controller I\\P RTD/tc/ma (01)

39.  Air compressor. Single stage storage tank with safety valve(01)

40.  Control valve (Motorised) for practical purpose size-1/2\" linear valve Body CS-(01)

41.  I/P converter I/p 4-20 mA, O/P 0.2 - 1kg/sqcm (01)

42.  P/I converter, I/P 0.2- 1Kg/sq cm O/P- 4 -20 mA(01)

43.  level sensor capacitance type with meter display 31/2 digit (01)

44.  Rota meter/Orifice/Ventury setup(01)

45.  Control valve(solenoid) shut off valve Normally closed excitation 230 Vac size 1/2 \"(01)

46.  Strain Gauge set up Bounded foil type, Capacity 2kg 3 1/2 digit display(01)

47.  Orifice assembly with flange & brass type ,size- 2\" concentric type Body material SS-316(01)

48.  On off Controller temperature I/P RTD/TC/mA, O/p Relay Type( 01)

49.  Ac Servo Motor (synchronous Reversible) (01)

50.  Alarm annunciator (6 window) 230 Vac(01)

51.  Signal condition set up for LVDT display 31/2 digit(01)

52.  Flow level system Model FLS Make- Ansuman (01)

53.  Pressure loop system Model PLS Make Anshuman (01)

54.  Lux meter(02)

55.  Pneumatic Actuator(01)

56.  Different types of Bellows and other pressure sensing elements(01)

57.  Study of DC motor speed control with tacho-generator motor 1HP capacity with isolation transformer (01)

58.  Rotary Actuator(01)

59.  Cylindrical Actuator (01)

60.  Solenoid Actuator (01)

61.  Bode plot with sine/square generator(01)

62.  Diff. Types of seat and plug for single & double acting a)Equal %, b)Linear valve.,c) Quick opening(1 set)

63.  Magnetic Actuator(01)

64.  Pneumatic PID controller Make Taylor(01)

65.  Dielectric Heating Demonstrator(01)

66.  Current to pressure converter Demo of flapper nozzle mech. With built in current source and meter ( 01 set )

67.  Cut view section of pneumatic valve with pneumatic actuator(01)

68.  Study of type 0 and type 1control system trainer with test signal generator(01 set)

69.  Type 2 control system with test signal generator

70.  Study of open loop and closed loop system(01 set)

71.  Medicons PLC with TSX 3710 0280R1 CPU with power supply,14 Kword memory real time clock ,16 channel digital inputsand 12 channel digital relay o/p(01)

72.  TSXRKZ 02 Mini extension rack(01)

73.  TSXAE2-802 8 Channel analog input module(01)


75.  Phillover head projector 24 V, 250 w, Twin halogen lamp, A4 size(01)

76.  DMM Model no. 801, Meco make(01)

77.  Hygrometer (01)

78.  Portable hydraulic circuit trainer kit (01)

79.  Pneumatic cylinder study kit(01)

80.  Pneumatic control Valve (01)

81.  E/P converter(02)

82.  PID controller Nishko make(01)

83.  Digital ON OFF temp. controller(01)

84.  Differential pressure transmitter(01)

85.  Air compressor Fug make(01)

86.  Pressure Regulator(02)

87.  Capacitive type level indicator(01)

88.  Programmable logic controller(01)

89.  Hand held programmer for PLC (01)

90.  25MHz Dual trace oscilloscope (01)

91.  Dual tracking power supply(02)

92.  Dual tracking power supply(01)

93.  Temperature control trainer(01)

94.  Control valve characteristic trainer ( 01 Set )

95.  Pressure control Trainer(01)

96.  Strain gauge Foil type Cantilever mounting $ arm method Capacity 5 kg(01)

97.   Dead weight pressure gauge 0-30 kg/

98.   PLC study verification trainer-II(01)

99.    Universal calibrator(01)

100.  Kelvin Double Bridge

101.  Fluid Circuit set up with pump

102.   M.S. Structure

103.   Pressure Sensor with single conditioner

104.   DPT-1 with orifice plate for 1/2 pipe  line

105.   RTD Additional with 4-20mA out put

106.    DPT-2 smart compatible with orifice plate fitting for 1/2pipe line with 4-20 mA out put&sqrtExtracter

107. CSTR with PR Gauge, Heater & RTD   fitted on IT connect for 1/2 line

108.   Heat Exchanger ( Colling mode )

109.   Indicators 3-1/2 digit display

110.   Control Valve 1/2\" line 3.15 PSI for 0 to full opening

111.      Level sensor  ( 4-20 mA )

112.    PID controller with two line segment display & A/M turning

113.   D.C. Drive 2 KW with 4-20 mA control input

114. Accelerometer

115. I To P Convertor (input 4-20 mA. Output 3-15 PSI )

116.Processor FLEX Programmable Automation Controller

117.16 Digital Input Module Compatible with Flex Processor

118. 16 Digital Output Module Compatible with Flex Processor

119. 04 Analog Input Module Compatible with Flex Processor

120. 04 Analog Output Module     Compatible with Flex Processor

121.Control Base Unit with accessories

122. Terminals for I - O modules

123. RsLogix 5000 mini edition software

124. CCS Panel with mimit Indicators,Provision for TFT,Lamps for Training & External Connections for field devices.

125.CCS Panel with mimit Indicators, Provision for TFT, Lamps for Training & External Connections for fields devices.

126. Capacitance Humidity Meter Trainer

127.Temarature Measurement Using radiation sensor optical pyrometer trainer

128.Vaccum Mesurment by Using mc load gauge

129.P/I Converter

130.DI/DO/AI/AO/for Remote Fler Controller in existing 131.Systems ET-7026 CR

132.I-7050 D CR Digital I/O module

133.I- 7520 CR  Rs232 to Rs485

134.I- 7017 F CR Anolog Input Module ( 8 Channel)

135.ET -7052 CR E Thernet Remote I/O Controllers

136.DCS Trainer BENIX DCS-400

137.PLC Trainer (Multibrand)

Electronic Instrumentation and Analog and Digital Electronics Laboratory


1.  1.  40- pin Digital IC tester(01)

2.  2.  Breadboard(15)

3.  3. LCR meter31/2 digit hand held battery


4.  4. LCR-Q Meter Aplab

5.  5. CRO 20MHz, DSO Scientific make Model    
     HM 205-2 (05)

6.  6. Function generator, Textronix 59(03)

7.  7. Function generator 10 MHz(01)

8.  8. Multi output Power supply(05)

9.  9.Tektronix make hand held Digital


10 10.31/2 digit DMM Meco 603(03)

11 11.Power supply 0-15 V dc 2 A(04) Regulated power supply 0-30 v 2A(04)

13 12.DC Power supply Dual 0 to 30 V,2A LCD03 

14 13. Fixed power supply 5V,1A(05)

15 14. LCR meter(01)

     15. DMM Model no. 801, Meco make(03)

17 16. 1MHz Function Generator (04)

18 17.  DC Regulated power supply dual tracking, Testronix- Model 93-B(06)

19 18. DMM model UNITI-1000(04)

20 19. 30MHz,2 channel mono analog oscilloscope model 3706CR(03)

2    20.Single Phase SCR Cyclo-converter

22  21.Half Wave half Controller Rectifier using SCR Model no 404

23  22.Full wave half Controller Rectifier using SCR model no SC 406

24  23.SCR Step up & step down Chopper Model no SD- 410 A

25  24.SCR Series Inverter Model no SD- 407

26  25.SCR Parallel Inverter Model no SD - 408

27  26 TRIAC Characteristics 080734 to 080736 Model PE- 04

2  27.SCR Characteristics 080751 Model PE- 03

29  28.Digital function Generator 10 Hz to 2 MH2 Sine Square wave APLAB Make Model No.FG 2 MD.

29.Function Generator Sine Square wave 1MHz APLAB Make Model No.FG 1 MD.

31  30.Expt.kit for VI Characteristics  of SCR

32  31.Expt.kit for step up & step down chopper

3    32.Expt.kit for 1 ph half Controller Converter (Rectifier)

3  33.Expt.kit for 1 ph fully  Controller Converter (Rectifier)

34.Expt.kit for VI Charecterstics of SCR

35.Expt.kit for step up & step down chopper

36.Expt.kit for 1 ph haff Controller Conveter Rectifior)

37.Expt.kit for 1 ph fully  Controller Conveter (Rectifior)

38.D/A Converter Trainer

39.Power Electronics Lab Setup

40.Universal AC DC Motor Control Using SCR kit

41.Multimeter 4  digit table top multimeter

42. LCR Meter

44.779026-01 NI USB-6009 inbuit 48 ks,multi functional DAQ

45.PM / OOPSPSD 3204 Scientific PCD 3204   Dual Tracking power supply

46.Multifunction laser A4 Printer

47.Oscilloscope function generator

48.power supply model no. scintech 820

49.Power scope floating measurements with completely

Analytical & Bio-Medical Instrumentation Laboratory


1.   1. Flame Photometer(up based)(01)

2.   2. U.V Visible spectrophotometer main unit completely ithout uv bulb, dpm detector,

         visible bulb(01)

3.   3. Accessories of U.V.Spectrophotometer

4.   4. Densitometer(01)

5.   5. DC Power supply Dual 0 to 30 V,2A LCD (04)

6.   6. Pacemaker simulator  demo type (01)

7.   7. single channel portable ECG Machine with Amplifier & recorder (01)

      8. Digital Heart rate monitor

9.   9. Defibrillator Simulator (01)

1   10. EMG Simulator (01)

11  11.ECG Simulator (01)

12  12.EEG Simulator (01)

13  13.Sphygmomanometer (01)

14  14.Microprocessor based system model peripherals-

15. a)8257(10)

16. b)8259(10)

17. c)8255(10), d)8085 based AD

15. experimental cad & interface unit(01)

19 16. 8085 based stepper motor controller(01)

20 17. Logitech kit for 8085(01)

21.18. 8031/51 microcontroller kitModel CGS- 551(05)

22 19. Digital pH meter Testronix make

23 20. DMM model UNITI-1000(02)

24 21. 8085 microprocessor training kit(05)

25.22. 30MHz,2 channel mono analog oscilloscope model 3706CR(03) 23.Spirometer(01)

27. 24.Fiber optic trainer model Cut-ST- 2502  Scientech make(01)

28. 25. Blood Sugar Testing Kit ( 01)

29. 26. Microprocessor PIC Microcontroller Trainer Kit

27. Audiometer

31  28. Pulse Oximeter

32  29. Blood flow Doppler Trainer

33  30. Ultrasonic Therapy Instrument

34  31.  ECG System Trainer

3    32. Respiration Rate monitor Trainer

36  33. PC Based Bed Side Monitor

37  34. Microcontroller Based Arrhythmia simulator Trainer

35.89V51 Microcontroller Mini-PE51

Computer and Digital Signal Processing Laboratory


1.     Desktop PC P-IV 2.4 GHz HT with Linux 9.0 Higher level, CD rom Drive 52X, Sony ,colour Monitor, 15\"LG (03)

2.     Microprocessor based computer system(P-III)consisting of PCS 6866W98ORIION-2511656,60,67,711,25,29(04)

3.     Microprocessor based computer system(P-III)consisting of PCS 6866W98ORIION-2511740 (01)

4.     Desktop PC Model sr 300GL,Make IBM(PI) (01)

5.     Desktop PC Model Sr. 300 GL make IBM (PI) (02)

6.     132 Column DOT Matrix Printer (Panasonic) (01)

7.     Dot Matrix Printer 24 PIN,132 col,300CPS(01)

8.     Laser PrinterModel C 3980A Make - HP(01)

9.     Laser PrinterML 1710,Monochrome Resolution 600dpi paper size A4 (01)

10.     Flat Bed Scanner Model C 6267A Make- HP Scanjet 6100(01)

11.     2KVA UPS System (01)

12.     2KVA True on line UPS System 12V 75 AH(01)

13.     350 VA CT constant voltage stabilizer(01)

14.     Vaccum Cleaner Euroclean XL Electronic vaccum cleaner(01)

15.     P-IV Computers WithCD writer(01)

16.     UPS system 2KVA(01)

17.     Battery 08 No.

18.     Desktop computer system with P IV wipro super genius CPU INTEL Pentium,820 dual core 2.8 GHz,2X MB(02)

19.     Eprom programmer(01)Eprom eraser(01)

20.     TMS 320C 6713 DSP starter kit(01)

21.     HP Lj Printer, Model- 1022

22.     Dell Desktop per Dgs rate contract model Dell 745 Mtv with 17\" TFT Monitor in line of 17\" CRT

23.     MATLAB Software Version-07

24.     Oracle 10 G1 Pack of 05 user

25.     Simulink Version 6

26.     Visual Studio 5 User

27.     Multi Media LCD projector Model - CP - Rx 70, 2000 An Stumens,XGA resolution.

28.     Desktop Computers  Wipro make Intel Core 2 Duo 4500 com.

29.     Desktop Computer Intel Core 2 Duo Configuration Model No.Lenovo think centre. 

30.     3 KVA Online UPS Make-Power Safe Model-3000 ONL

31.     Laser Printor HP Make Model -1007.

32.     Canon Make Digital Copier With Digital Printer (A3 Size) Model-IR 2318 L Machine

33.     5 KVA Online UPS Static Converter With 1 Phase Input,1 Phase Output with 120 mins.backup

34.     779026-01 Bus Powerd Multifunction DAQ for Bus 12 or 14 Bit up to ks/s 8 analog Input NI USB 6008/NI USB 6009,2Analog Out put at 12 Bit Software timed Recommended software Lab View .

35.   Acer Computer System with 15\'\'  Colour TFT Moniter,

 36.Canon Make Digital Copier With digital  Printer (A3 Size) Model-IR 2318 L Machine

37. 5 KVA Online UPS Static Converter With 1 Phase Input,1 Phase Output with 120  mins.backup

38. 779026-01 Bus Powerd Multifunction DAQ for Bus 12 or 14 Bit up to ks/s 8

      analog Input NI USB 6008/NI USB 6009,2 Analog Out put at 12 Bit

      Software timed Recommended software  Lab View .

39. Acer Computer System with 15\'\' Colour  TFT Moniter,

 40.  External DVD Writer

41. Matlab software

42. Sony Vaio SVF-15218SN Laptop

43. Multimedia Projector with wireless  conectivity Model-sony   

44. LCD Projector Ben Q M× 661With Celing mount kit with Projector screen

      8×6 Cable

Industrial Instrumentation, Measurement and Transducer Laboratory


1. Linear Meter Bridge Type Wheatstone

    Bridge (4 )

2    2. Panel meter m/c for DC measurement1-

         500 mV (05)

3.   3. Galvanometer 30-0-30 m.o.65 (05)

4.   4. Galvanometer 30-0-30 m.o.85 (05)

      5. Analog Meter(DC)Milliammeter(06)

      6. Analog Meter Millivolt0-10 mV(02)

      7. Analog Meter millivolt0-500 mv(02)

      8. Analog Meter millivolt 0-100 mv(02)

      9. Student potentiometerCompton type(05)

     10 .Box type Wheatstone Bridge(05)

     11. PotentiometerX/Y Recorder Highly linear

           potentiometric feedback system(01)

     12. AC bridge induction measurement

           Maxwell Bridge(01)

14 13.  Breadboard(15)

     14. Distortion level meter (01)

     15.  Frequency convertor generator 31/2

           light display (01)

     16. AC wattmeter(01)

     17. Wattmeter Analog Current range


     18. Wattmeter Analog Current range 5A(01)

     19.  Y/T Recorder,Strip chart I/P 5

            mvresponse time 1 sec(01)

     20. AC voltmeter 0-10 V

     21. AC voltmeter 0-5 V

     22.  AC Ammeter 0-50 (02)

     23.  AC Analog panel milliammeterwith table

            top standRange- 0-10mA,0-100mA, 0-

            500mA (2 Each)

     24. Analog Panel Micro ammeter 0-


     25. Energy meter for practical purpose

           Single phase,230 Vac (01)

26 26. Wave meter(01)

     27.  Decade induction box(02)

     28. Decade induction box LDB4(04)

2   29. CRO 20MHz, DSO Scientific make Model

            HM 205-2 (05)

     30.  Function generator Model Textronix 59


     31. 31/2 digit DMM Meco 603(03)

     32. Power supply 0-15 V dc 2 A(04)

33 33. Regulated power supply 0-30 v 2A(04)

     34.DC Power supply Dual 0 to 30 V,2A LCD


     35.  Fixed power supply 5V,1A(04)

     36.  LCR meter(01)

     37. DMM Model no. 801, Meco make(01)

     38. AC Voltmeter 0-300V Meco make(05)

     39. 1MHz Function Generator (03)

     40.  Frequency counter 1.3

          GHz,Microprocessor controlled universal


     41. Nippon Moving Iron AC panel


     42.  AEC-100 AQULA decade capacitance

           Box Range 100pf to 10 uf(02)

     43. AER- 45 AQULA Decade resistance Box

           Range  10ohm -1 Mohm(03)

     44. Decade induction boxAQULA AEI-30(02)

     45. AC Wein Bridge (01 )

     46. AC Schering Bridge (01)

     47. 20 MHz DT trainer oscilloscope


     48. Analog IC tester Model MME-LICT20

     49. Analog DC ammeter 0-500 uA(04)

     50. 0-1mA(04)

     51. Analog DC voltmeter (02)

     52. DMM model UNITI-1000(04)

     53. Bode plot kit(01)

     54.  DSO 100 MHz 2 Channel, Tektronix TDS


     55.  30MHz,2 channel mono analog

            oscilloscope model 3706CR(02)

     56. Instrumentation tutor(01)

     57.  Energy meter(01)

     58. Kelvin Bridge Demonstration unit

     59. Rotameter for flow measurement trainer

     60. Dead weight pressure gauge tester

     61. A/D Converter Trainer

     62. Conductivity meter Trainer

     63. P.H.Meter Trainer

     64. Temperature Sensor Trainer

     65.  Measurement  of Pressure Trainer

     66.  Ultra Sonic Distance meter Trainer


Department of Instrumentation engineering

Detailes of INSAT-A Commitee for Acsdemic year 2017-18
Sr. No. Committee Position held Name 
1. INSAT-A President AMUL JALAN (L Y BTech)
2. INSAT-A Vice-President DEVYANI AUSKER (T Y B Tech )
4.   INSAT-A Secretary


5. Organising Committee (Under INSAT-A) Members
Sr. No. Title Download Size
1 Faculty Of Instrumentation Department (12.82)KB
2 Dr. R D Kokate Head of Department (83.74)KB
3 Prof. A M Dongardive, (Asst. Prof.) (164.63)KB
4 Prof. S G Adam, (Asst. Prof.) (51.3)KB
5 Prof. S S Nerkar, (Asst. Prof.) (31.97)KB
6 Prof. A A Ansari, (Asst. Prof.) (157.24)KB
7 Prof. M S Patil, (Asst. Prof.) (149.36)KB
8 Dr. G.M.Malwatkar, CoE & Associate Professor (70.98)KB
9 Prof. G. V. Lakhekar (134.68)KB
10 Miss. Harsha Mokadam(Asst. Professor) (263.17)KB
11 Shaktikumar R. Shiledar (Asst.Professor) (379.34)KB

Department of Instrumentation Engineering

Detailes of the activities conducted by the department during academic year 2016-17
Sr. No. Events/ Workshops/IV/LT Status Period Beneficeries
1 Virtual Instrumentation using LABVIEW Successfully Completed 26 Aug - 30 Aug. 2016

TY Be Tech Students (60)

2 Experts Lecture on Modelling and Simulation used in process Industries Successfully Completed 31 Aug. 2016 BE students (55)
3 Industrial Visit to JAIN Irrigation System

Successfully Completed which includes:- 1.Visit to Food park.

2.Visit to Energy park.

3.Visit to Biogas plant

09 Sept. 2016 TY Be Tech Students (62)
4 Industry oriented training on PLC and SCADA

Successfully Completed

11 Sept. to 15 Sept. 2016 BE students (55)
5 Experts lecture : Automation in Textile industry on ocassion of Engineers day. Successfully Completed 15 Sept. 2016 All Instrumentation students (150)
6 Industrial Visit to Vikas Dairy Successfully Completed 28 Sept. 2016 SY B Tech students (74)
7 ARDUINO Uno/Genuino for Instrumentationand Control Baics Successfully Completed 2 Oct. - 6 Oct. 2016 TY Be Tech Students (60)
8 Virtuak Instrumentation using LABVIEW Successfully Completed 6 Oct. - 10 Oct. 2016 BE students (60)
9 Industrial Visit to Endress and Hauser Successfully Completed 18 Oct. 2016 BE students (55)


National Highway No -6, JALGAON – 425 002
- 0257-2281522                                                     Fax – 0257-2281319
E-Mail –     Web. –

Department of Instrumentation Engineering

 Constitution of BoS in Instrumentation Engineering approved by AC in its seventh meeting conducted on 7th October 2017 

Sr. No.

Post  in BoS

Name, Designation and Affiliation

Designation of member as per guidelines



Dr. R. D. Kokate,

Professor and Head of the Department, GCOE, Jalgaon.


Head of the Department



Prof. A. M. Dongardive,

Asst. Prof. GCOE, Jalgaon. 9689222416,

Expert for Measurement and Instrumentation.



Prof. S. S. Nerkar,

Asst. Prof. GCOE, Jalgaon. 9421531730

Expert for Skill Based Education.



Prof. G. V. Lakhekar

Asst. Prof. GCOE, Jalgaon.


Expert for Soft computing and Artificial intelligence



Dr. G. M. Malwatkar,

Associate Prof. GCOE, Jalgaon. 7219101070,

Expert for Systems and Control, Signal/Image processing.



Dr. V. D. Hajare,

Associate Professor in Instrumentation,

Cummins College of Engineering for Women (Autonomous Institute affiliated to SPPU)

Pune 9881173175

Two Experts

(In the subject from outside the college to be nominated by Academic council)



Dr. M. R. Bongulwar

Associate Professor in Instrumentation, Government College of Engineering & Research, Avsari




Prof. M.M. Akole

Assistant Professor in Instrumentation,

Govt. College of Engg. Chandrapur


One Expert ( To be nominated by the Vice-chancellor from panel of six recommended by the college Principal)



Dr. P. S. Shingare,

Director (Wind Energy Business)

Vertive Energy Pvt. Ltd., Pune

(Formerly Emersion Energy) 9881135104

One Representative (From Industry)



Shri. Prashant T. Bhosale,

M.E. (Process Instrumentation)

Engineer (Managerial Grade)

Toyo Engineering India Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai


One post graduate Meritorious alumnus


Member Secretary

Shirish Adam,

Asst. Prof. GCOE, Jalgaon. 09226248868

Expert for Controllers and Automation.

Sr. No. Title Download Size
1 First BoS MoM (April, 2013) (1071.23)KB
2 Second BoS MoM (April, 2015) (1110.28)KB
3 Third BoS MoM (April, 2016) (1950.3)KB
4 Fourth BOS MOM (2534.45)KB
5 Fifth BOS MOM (1928.59)KB
6 Sixth BOS MOM (1510.41)KB
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  • Programme Educational Objectives (PEO's)

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Statement of PEOs


Excel in industry / technical profession with multidisciplinary competency.


Attain a strong foundation in mathematical, scientific and Instrumentation engineering fundamentals required to solve engineering problems and also to pursue higher studies.


Acquire scientific and engineering breadth of Instrumentation engineering so as to comprehend, design and analyse automatic control systems and obtain the solutions for the real life problems.


Inculcate professional and ethical attitude, effective communication skills, teamwork   skills, multidisciplinary approach and be able to resolve engineering issues to broader social context.


Demonstrate hands on practice on state-of-art automatic industrial applications.

The Programme Outcomes (POs and PSOs)

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Statement of PO/PSO


Engineering Knowledge: Apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering fundamentals to the solution of complex engineering problems.


Problem Analysis: Identify, formulate and analyze complex engineering problems reaching substantiated conclusions using first principles of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering sciences.


Design/ Development of Solutions: Design solutions for complex engineering problems and design system components or processes that meet specified needs with appropriate consideration for public health and safety, cultural, societal and environmental considerations.


Conduct investigations of complex problems using research-based knowledge and research methods including design of experiments, analysis and interpretation of data and synthesis of information to provide valid conclusions.


Modern Tool Usage: Create, select and apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern engineering and IT tools including prediction and modeling to complex engineering activities with an under- standing of the limitations.


The Engineer and Society: Apply reasoning informed by contextual knowledge to assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to professional engineering practice.


Environment and Sustainability: Understand the impact of professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts and demonstrate knowledge of and need for sustainable development.


Ethics: Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics and responsibilities and norms of engineering practice.


Individual and Team Work: Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse teams and in multi-disciplinary settings.


Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering com- munity and with society at large, such as being able to comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation, make effective presentations and give and receive clear instructions.


Project Management and Finance: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Engineering and management principles and apply these to one’s own work, as a member and leader in a team, to manage projects and in multidisciplinary environments.


Life-long Learning: Recognize the need for and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life- long learning in the broadest context of technological change.


Excel in Design/ operation/ maintenance of component, product and instrumentation system.



Inculcate comprehensive education in Instrumentation engineering to ensure core competency in Process control engineering and Biomedical Instrumentation.


Execute the professional, scientific, ethical and managerial skills to plan and accomplish project.

Depratment of Instrumentation Engineering

List of the short term course conducted by the department durring academic session 2016-17

Sr. No. Name of STTP Duration Coordinator
1. Workshop on "Virtual Instrumentation using LABVIEW"

(1 Week)

6th to 10th oct. 2016

Prof. S S Nerkar
2. Wrokshop on "Industry Oriented Training on PLC & SCADA"

(1 Week)

11th to 15th Sept. 2016

Prof. A M Dongardive
3. Workshop on "Arduino Uno / Genuino for Instrumentation&Control BAsics"

(1 Week)

2nd to 6 oct. 2016

Prof.  S G Adom
4. Workshop on "Virtual Instrumentation using LABVIEW"

(1 Week)

6th to 10th oct. 2016

Prof. S S Nerkar
 Workshop on Recent trends in Control System, Neural Network and Image processing

2 Days

14 -15 Sept 2016 

Dr. R D Kokate 
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