Software Development Cell

GCoE, Jalgaon’s Software Development Cell (SDC), is initiated with the ambition to unearth and harness the technical skills of students. The SDC looks at the development of new projects which provides an opportunity to students to work in an organized team structure and timelines. Within their project teams, students have the advantage of working as a software engineer in different verticals and can have an exposure to the complete life cycle of software development. The significance of the SDC is to hone the programming skills and software development concepts of students.



     º Provide effective education and training to students 

     º To utilize the existing infrastructure and to satisfy the current software automation needs of the institution.

     º Identification of technical experts from industry especially alumni for including them as a part of the SDC.

     º To view change in the market as an opportunity to grow; to use our profits, technical expertise and our ability to develop and produce innovative products, services, and solutions that satisfy emerging customer needs.

     º To develop & nurture software professionals at every level who are accountable for achieving business results and exemplifying the institute’s values.


Committee Members

     1.  Prof. D. V. Chaudhari  (Head of Computer Department & Software Development Cell)

     2.  Prof. H. D. Gadade (Coordinator-Software Development Cell)

     3.  Prof. V. A. Kakade (Co-Coordinator-Software Development Cell)


Applications/Projects developed by SDC

     º College Website for GCoE, Jalgaon. 

     º Central Application Processing System (CAPS) For Hostel Admission & Seat Allotment

     º Student Assesment Management System For ICA

     º Jallosh 2k16 Website (National Level Cultural Event By GCoE, Jalgaon).

     º ICRTES 2017 (Internation Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering & Science)  Website with Online Paper Submission System.

Applications/Projects being developed by SDC

     º Management Information System (MIS) for Examination Cell, GCoE, Jalgaon

     º Online Compiler & Submission System for practicals.