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Prof R R Landge, Workshop Superintendent

Machine shop

Fitting,Tin smith and Plumbing shop

Carpentary and Pattern making shop

Welding shop

Blacksmithy and Moulding shop

Workshop department conducts different engineering work-trades like Welding, Fitting, Smithy, Moulding, Carpentry, Fitting, Pattern Making, Foundry, Machine Shop, Sheet metal & plumbing for the students of various disciplines. All the students of F.E. irrespective of their disciplines and the students of S.Y.B Tech from Mechanical Engineering perform the practical in this department.

During this work they are exposed to different raw materials, tools, machinery, operations, measuring instrument etc. To carry out work the department is well equipped with machines like lathe, milling, drilling, shaping, welding, etc

Besides the academic work students work with great interest in the workshop department for preparing the working models, supporting devices for different technical & cultural events, project work etc.

Apart from the technical inputs, emphasis is also given on cultivating safety aspect, quality consciousness among the students.

The department is headed by Prof. R. R. Landge,( Workshop Superintendent) having & al experience of 20 years. He is well supported by trained & qualified technical instructors, attendants, & peons.
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